Country List

I figured it might be helpful for readers (and for me!) to have a handy list of links to the countries I have already attempted.  I will try my darnedest to update this page on a weekly basis. Jordan has helped me to visualize my progress by creating a beautiful map for me.  White means it’s cooked.  Brown, still coming your way!

Argentina: Whole Wheat Empanadas and Alfajores (Dulce de Leche)

Angola: Muamba de Galinha (Seitan) and Funge

Australia: Aussie Burgers and Pavlova

Brazil: Feijoada, Manioc Fries, and Tropical Fruits

Cameroon: Cameroon Suya and Coconut Rice

Chad: Squash and Peanut Mash with Millet

China: Steamed potstickers, Hot Pot, and Amaretto Red Bean Cake

Costa Rica: Casado–No-Gallo Pinto, Cabbage Salad, and Fried Plantains

Croatia: Zogorje Potato Soup and Ajvar-Stuffed Eggplant

Finland: Finnish Pea Soup, Mushroom Salad, and Rustic Karelian Pasties

Gabon: Dongo-Dongo and Baton de Manioc

Haiti: Haitian Pumpkin Stew and Sweet Plantain Puree

Hungary: Hungarian Goulash and Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Indonesia: Nasi Goreng

Ireland: Potato Stew, Soda Bread, and Chocolate Stout Cake PLUS Jenny’s Irish Breakfast Guest Post

Jamaica: Jerk Tofu and Baked Festival Bread

Kazakhstan: Vegetable Kespe and Kazakh slaw

Kenya: Irio (Corn, potato, and bean mash)

Kuwait: Black-Eyed Pea and Tomato Stew

Lithuania: Zeppelin Dumplings (Cepelinai) and Beet-Stuffed Onions {Lithuania}

Luxembourg: Green Bean Soup and Vegetarian Pate

Malawi: Mbatata mini-sweet potato biscuits and Cabbage and Spinach Kentendala

Morocco: Moroccan Roll {Schlada, Chickpea Couscous, and M’hanncha}

Philippines: Seitan Adobo, Lumpia, and Cocoa San Rival

South Africa: Pinto Bean Bobotie

Tanzania: Black Bean and Plantain Stew

Tajikistan: Plov and Piti

Trinidad and Tobago: Curried Tofu and Roti


Suriname: Moksi Meti

Switzerland: Crushed Tomato Fondue & Chocolate Fondue

Syria: Mezze Plate (Tabbouleh, Hummus, and Olives) and Mujaddarad

Uganda: Breakfast Porridge and Matoke

Venezuela: Cheddar Arepas and Pabellon Criollo

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