Poutine in Montreal for me now…

Hey all.  It’s been too long.  Life got crazy.  We traveled to Spain, left our jobs, took a camping trip through Michigan’s UP and Ontario, visited our hometowns, and are settling in Montreal!  Jordan was accepted as a PhD candidate, and I’m scrambling to learn French and find some new work.  Our Montreal food experiences, successes, and misadventures will now be chronicled at a new blog (I was quickly running out of photo storage space on the wordpress.com hosted site anyhow).

Please, I would love it if you’d join me at www.therestoflhistoire.com. Hope to see you there!

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Updated Progress Map

The husband has been busy on my behalf.  The white countries are those I have completed. Looks like I’ll be here a while, folks.

For the list of countries by name and recipe, check the Country List Page.

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Sweet Orange Persian Rice and Pomegranate Soup {Iran}

This post has been migrated to my new location. Stop by for some Persian food at:

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Nowruz (Persian New Year) Teaser Photo

Post coming later today/tonight.  I’ve got a work conference today and wasn’t able to get my Persian New Year post pre-posted.  Check back for the recipe for this feast for the eyes.

See you soon!

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Valentine’s Fondue {Switzerland}

Happy post-Valentine’s Day post!

Wow.  I cannot believe how far behind on posting I am.  We’ll have to do two-a-days until I catch up.  If only I could force myself into that sort of workout regimen.  But I digress…

Nearly a month ago, St. Valentine came to visit.  He convinced Jordan to buy me these:

St. Valentine also convinced me that it was okay to eat way more cheese than is recommended.  But Fondue is romantic, right?

I stuck with a very basic cheese/tomato fondue:

  • 1 15 oz can crushed tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup Emmental cheese
  • 1/2 cup Gruyere cheese
  • 1/2 cup dry white wine

The cheeses are expensive, but the wine was very affordable.  We rarely spend over 12-14 dollars on a bottle; I’m not sure my palette is sophisticated enough for expensive wines.  There was a very interesting NPR story on wine tasting lately that backs me up.

‘Twas lovely.  We dipped pieces of roasted potatoes and broccoli and baguette into the mix.

Our fondue was supplemented with some Swiss chard that had been sauteed with onions and garlic (splash of apple cider vinegar, naturally).

I’m afraid there were no leftovers as far as the fondue was concerned.  Maybe a stray piece of baguette or something.  That mix was delicious and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy fondue mix.

We did also need dessert, since it was Valentine’s Day.  I’ve never had chocolate fondue anywhere other than at my parents’ place.  I’m certain ours was a bit too thick, but that does not affect the flavor whatsoever 🙂  I used dark chocolate, almond milk, and vanilla extract for our fondue.  You can see that we went for fruit and pretzels for dippers.  Between the fruit and the broccoli, I had myself convinced this meal was healthy.

Here’s hoping your romance and tasty cooking have lived on since February 14th!

Get ready for the two-a-days.

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Happy Australia Day!

I’ll be here with Australian food this weekend…

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Zogorje Potato Soup and Ajvar {Croatia}

Wow, I would love to visit Croatia.  It’s becoming quite the tourist destination lately.  And why not?  Look at all that Mediterranean coastline!

Croatian cuisine, as dear Wikipedia can tell you now that it’s not protesting a poorly-conceived SOPA bill, is comprised of the cuisine of many regions, making it difficult to narrow down my menu options.  Still, since inland Croatia is known for hearty soups and stews (think Goulash) and winter is still upon us here (in theory anyhow…today’s weather was lovely), I thought a another hearty stew seemed to be in order.  But I didn’t want to ignore the Mediterranean aspect of Croation cuisine, so I added an interesting side dish as well.

Zogorje Potato Soup: Peasant meal, maybe.  Peasants know how to turn potatoes into something comforting.  The butter (Earth Balance), tempeh bacon, paprika, Greek yogurt (who needs sour cream?) and garnishes.  I know, two pureed soups in a row.  I promise the next meal will not be another pureed soup.  But I certainly have put that immersion blender to good use.

We also tried a bit of Eggplant Dip (Ajvar): This basically amounted to a stuffed eggplant, using bell peppers, oil olive, and lemon juice, and the guts of the eggplant to create the dip.

Jordan believes the soup probably took top prize for the night, but I might vote the other way.  (He doesn’t like eggplant, though, so his opinion was a bit biased).  I loved the light flavors of the eggplant dip as a contrast to the thick, winter-weather soup.

Happy Thursday, everyone.  Just an FYI, there’ll be no recipe post tomorrow, since I’m working later tonight.  There will still be a post coming your way, just no picture of my own culinary creations.  See you on Saturday!

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Work It, Ginger, Work It

I will try to bring you high quality photos of my food wins and failures.  Thus, I have been practicing!  Please welcome ginger, anise, and peppers to the show.

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About The Pearl Project

The Pearl Project will commence on January 23rd, 2012–a.k.a. the Chinese New Year.  From Chinese New Year 2012 to Chinese New Year 2013, I will be traveling the world.  Without leaving the kitchen.  Except to buy groceries, of course.

I have always enjoyed travel.  I’ve been planning my own travel itineraries as an adult (okay, college student/adult) for over six years.  I’d go almost anywhere.  But I am still fairly new to cooking.  During a stretch of unemployment after graduating from Library School, I watched a tremendous amount of the Food Network and read a good deal about healthy eating habits.  I used the unemployment phase to actually learn to cook.  Gone are the days of Tombstone pizzas and Hamburger Helper.

When considering New Year’s resolutions for 2012, I decided to combine my two interests of travel and cooking in order to expand my cooking skills.  I am challenging myself to cook, bake, and eat the cuisine of each of the 205 sovereign nations of the Planet Earth within the Year of the Dragon time frame.

I aim to recreate the quintessential dishes of each country.  This means I will be practicing new cooking techniques, shopping at new grocery stores, and using new ingredients.  Though I am trying to use authentic ingredients, I will also put my own spin on dishes.  Fair warning, I’m mostly an herbivore, so if the recipe is not typically vegetarian, I will probably be making an adaptation.  You may also see slightly healthier versions of some traditional foods.   If you think I’ve gone too far, let me know.  (And then I’ll try to justify my choices while pretending that I really wished to conform to your idea of the dish…)

I am blogging about my experience to hold me accountable for my goal.  Oh, yeah, and I love taking photos of my food!  I am doing this for myself.  This is my food journey.  But I would still really enjoy it if you would like to come along.

My personal site: www.cassieknoxvillian.wordpress.com

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Prior to an Introduction

I am currently in the process of building The Pearl Project Blog.  It’ll start looking snazzier soon.  And you’ll even get to know more about what it is about.

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