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Curried Tofu and Roti {Trinidad and Tobago}

So if you’re a dedicated follower (then I love you, but that is beside the point), you might remember how I left you with a roti cliffhanger after the Surinamese meal.  I really thought I’d be making roti again the next night, but it ended up being almost a week before I attempted again.  Rest assured, you questions about attempt number two will be answered in this post.

Cue the calypso music!  You might pretend I listened to calypso music while preparing this dish…

Trinidad and Tobago is a country composed of islands–two large ones in particular.  (I’ll let you guess on the names of the two large islands).  The country is found just of the northern coast of South America. Much like Surinamese cuisine, the cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago is heavily influenced by the cuisine of many other cultures: Indian, Chinese, Amerindian, etc.  Chicken curry and roti is arguably the most well-known dish of the country.  I love it–I get to take a stab at Indian food (and the tofu I use in it) without actually having to cross India off of my country list.

I’ve made some Indian foods before (Saag Aloo, Veg. Biryani,  and Chana Masala), but never actually a curry.  I went with a very simple chicken curry recipe, subtracted the chicken, added some tofu.  I honestly cannot find the link to the exact recipe I used/adapted, but my base was crushed tomatoes and yogurt with coriander, cumin, cayenne pepper, ginger, onions, garlic, and of course curry powder.  Jordan rating: definitely in the top 5 dishes so far.

And would you look at that roti.  It actually rolled this time, was soft, and had a bit of flavor.  A vast, vast improvement from the last go round.  At lunch, Jordan compared his roti with roti that one of his Indian co-workers brings in.  He said it was looking quite similar.  Whew!  I admit, I feel some pressure is on when I cook Indian food and he takes the leftovers.  🙂

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