Hi, welcome to The Pearl Project.  I’m Cassie.

I will be traveling the world.  Without leaving the kitchen.  Except to buy groceries, of course.

I have always enjoyed travel.  I’ve been planning my own travel itineraries as an adult (okay, college student/adult) for over six years.  I’d go almost anywhere.  But I am still fairly new to cooking.  During a stretch of unemployment after graduating from Library School, I watched a tremendous amount of the Food Network and read a good deal about healthy eating habits.  I used the unemployment phase to actually learn to cook.  Gone are the days of Tombstone pizzas and Hamburger Helper.

When considering New Year’s resolutions for 2012, I decided to combine my two interests of travel and cooking in order to expand my cooking skills. I challenged myself to cook, bake, and eat the cuisine of other places in the world on a regular basis.

I aim to recreate the quintessential dishes of each country.  This means I will be practicing new cooking techniques, shopping at new grocery stores, and using new ingredients.  Though I am trying to use authentic ingredients, I will also put my own spin on dishes.  Fair warning, I’m mostly an herbivore, so if the recipe is not typically vegetarian, I will probably be making an adaptation.  You may also see slightly healthier versions of some traditional foods.   If you think I’ve gone too far, let me know.  (And then I’ll try to justify my choices while pretending that I really wished to conform to your idea of the dish…)

So, why is it called “The Pearl Project?”  Because I love cliches, and one of the best is “The World is My Oyster.”  I’ll be seeking out the culinary treasures of the world in a very cheap, non-Anthony Bourdain sort of way.

This is my food journey.  But I would still really enjoy it if you would like to come along.

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  1. I can’t get over how much I love love love this idea and your blog! I’m passing the Versatile Blogger Award to you!

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