Jerk Tofu and Baked Festival {Jamaica}

Jamaican me eat too much!

{As I type this, a group of probably tipsy young ladies are loudly singing “Tubthumping” in the apartment building’s hallway}.  {BTW, I pre-posted; they are not drunk at 8:30 AM.}

If I were a pescatarian, Jamaican cuisine would have been amazing.  As it stands, though, it was still a decent meal.  When you think Jamaican food, you must be thinking jerk, right?  Me too.  I marinated slices of tofu in soy sauce, oil, Jamaican seasoning, and lime juice (oh, ginger).  I sauteed an onion, some garlic, and a jalapeno in the pan before dumping the slices and marinade into the pan.  Got a little smoky in here again 🙂

I did attempt to healthify the festival.  I’m not sure if was a good idea or came close to replicating it authentically, but it was a good faith effort.  Instead of deep frying, I pan fried slightly and baked (guess I was going for the arepa method).  I also used whole wheat flour in them, along with the cornmeal required by typical recipes.  One thing that I found to be very interesting about the little breads was that sugar is used like it used to be before the Sugar Revolution–as a spice.  Sugar is added in to the dough mix along with salt and other seasonings.  It’s not the star of the dish, as in dessert.

As for sides, I was thrilled to learn that a standard baked sweet potato is common in Jamaica.  Since starting the Pearl Project, we’ve been trying so many new foods that we rarely get our old favorites, such as baked sweet potatoes and kale chips.

Cue the calypso!

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4 thoughts on “Jerk Tofu and Baked Festival {Jamaica}

  1. So here I am looking at one of the tastiest looking bowls of food I see, and there’s no recipe.

    Sad face.

    This is seriously amazing.

    • Cassandra

      I could probably be talked into posting the tofu and festival recipes soon….thanks for the comment. Love the name of your blog, by the way!

      • Thanks a lot!

        So how might one persuade thee to post that recipe which I absolutely must have in my life?

      • Cassandra

        Asking was enough! I’ve posted today. I welcome any feedback on the recipes. Happy jerk recipes to you.

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