Moksi Meti Recipe {Suriname}

Hey, hey, people!  I have returned from the land-of-cooking-a-lot-but-posting-a-little.  I must get back into the swing of things with posting.  Be prepared (in the words of Uncle Scar).

Last night proved to be an interesting night.  The country challenge–Suriname.  Suriname is on the northern coast of South America.  Much like the U.S. is a country of many immigrants, Suriname is composed of people from the land-of-somewhere-else.  Their food culture stems from the food cultures of India, Indonesia, and Africa among others.

(You guys are missing Jordan’s maps right now, huh?)

One of Suriname’s most popular dishes is Moksi Meti.  Loosely translated, it means mixed meats.  Sounds like the best vegetarian to choose to make, right?  Yeah….you’ll see.  Moksi Meti is typically served with either noodles or rice.

What you see below—all plants believe it or not.  Yep, vegan Moksi Meti.

I’m going to once again not provide you a recipe; not because I don’t want you to make it, but because I’m skeptical that it should actually be called a recipe.  But I will still tell you my method and ingredients.

My version is less mixed meat and more mixed protein.  I used three different types of plant-based proteins: gardein breasts (soy based), seitan (wheat-based), and tofu cubes.  They were sauteed in some oil, before a pepper/soy sauce was added to the pan.  This created a beautiful glaze for all the proteins.

My base for the Moksi Meti was soba noodles with sauteed carrots, bean sprouts, and bok choy.  Had to find a way to sneak more vegetables into the dish.  If a made this dish again, I would probably leave the bok choy out and use regular soba noodles instead of the buckwheat.  I just was not a fan of it last night.

That’s okay.  I was a big fan of the glazed mixed proteins.  Just another photo to post of them…

We tried our hand at making our own roti last night (I say we because Jordan helped out with the meal).  I would call it a learning experience.  I think I need to add a bit more flavor to my dough and make it a little bit thinner.  Don’t you worry, we’ll be trying again tonight for Trinidad and Tobago!

Because last night was Fat Tuesday, we had to celebrate a bit too.  But I wimped out and went for some easy, non-Surinamese goodness.

Catholics, come here to find you meatless Friday meals during Lent!

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