Zogorje Potato Soup and Ajvar {Croatia}

Wow, I would love to visit Croatia.  It’s becoming quite the tourist destination lately.  And why not?  Look at all that Mediterranean coastline!

Croatian cuisine, as dear Wikipedia can tell you now that it’s not protesting a poorly-conceived SOPA bill, is comprised of the cuisine of many regions, making it difficult to narrow down my menu options.  Still, since inland Croatia is known for hearty soups and stews (think Goulash) and winter is still upon us here (in theory anyhow…today’s weather was lovely), I thought a another hearty stew seemed to be in order.  But I didn’t want to ignore the Mediterranean aspect of Croation cuisine, so I added an interesting side dish as well.

Zogorje Potato Soup: Peasant meal, maybe.  Peasants know how to turn potatoes into something comforting.  The butter (Earth Balance), tempeh bacon, paprika, Greek yogurt (who needs sour cream?) and garnishes.  I know, two pureed soups in a row.  I promise the next meal will not be another pureed soup.  But I certainly have put that immersion blender to good use.

We also tried a bit of Eggplant Dip (Ajvar): This basically amounted to a stuffed eggplant, using bell peppers, oil olive, and lemon juice, and the guts of the eggplant to create the dip.

Jordan believes the soup probably took top prize for the night, but I might vote the other way.  (He doesn’t like eggplant, though, so his opinion was a bit biased).  I loved the light flavors of the eggplant dip as a contrast to the thick, winter-weather soup.

Happy Thursday, everyone.  Just an FYI, there’ll be no recipe post tomorrow, since I’m working later tonight.  There will still be a post coming your way, just no picture of my own culinary creations.  See you on Saturday!

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