Indonesian Fried Rice {Nasi Goreng}

Last night’s recipe needed to be a quick-assembly type recipe, because I was busy catching Jennifer Pharr speaking at River Sports in Knoxville.  She happens to hold the time record (for folks with xx and xy chromosomes) for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.  Very inspiring to listen to.  Maybe I’ll thru-hike the AT once I finish the Pearl Project.  But how would I get my Nasi Goreng on the trail?

In Indonesia, Nasi Goreng is ubiquitous.  Or so I have read (I’m still waiting for someone to send me to Bali to sample all the vegetarian delights).  Simple, fast, and still pretty much on the healthy side.  Not a bad combination at all.  Thank you, Indonesia, for a simple and delicious fried rice.

There are many, many variations on this dish.  But they all seem to have a few things in common: rice, aromatics (onion or shallots), and strips of omelet.

I was true to nasi goreng in all three of those areas.  It’s been a while since I’ve had an egg without it being in a baked good.  Tasted glorious. I rolled and sliced the omelet to make strips for the top of the fried rice.

The rice can be made with chicken, shrimp, etc., but we had some leftover tofu from Chinese Hot Pot the night before, so I went with the good old fashioned bean curd.  Our veggies consisted of cabbage, carrots, sharrots, and green onions.  The sauce did wonders for the dish.  I combined a sesame dressing, soy sauce, and a spicy Asian bbq sauce.  You’ll do well to top off your rice mixture with a few bites of traditional garnishes, such as cucumbers and fresh cilantro.  It’ll make for a happy husband.


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